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If everyone one was an expert in the automotive sciences, there wouldn’t be much need for us at Castle Cars Service Centers! As technology continues to change and unfortunately, sometimes breakdown, Castle Automotive Service Centers stand ready to help you keep your car, truck of SUV running for as long as possible.

We have created this “Ask a Tech” page just you, for all those questions you may have about your vehicle maintenance and repair.

Car making an unusual noise? Truck leaking fluids? SUV pulling to one side? Dashboard warning light on?

These are all common occurrences when owning a vehicle of any type. Sometimes those noises you here is just a loose item you have left rolling around in the trunk. Sometimes fluid leaks are nothing more than condensation from running the air conditioner on hot day. Sometimes tires need to have a little air added.

If you have questions on anything about your vehicle, fill out the form below and one of our supremely qualified and highly-trained service technicians will respond with an easy to understand answer.

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